Why use Innervation's Loyalty Consulting Service?

They say that the real work starts when a product or proposition hits the market. Months of modelling, planning, validating, designing, building, testing – followed up with regular update presentations to Exco – and finally the big day arrives. Implementation day: the reality is that nothing prepares you more for reality than reality itself. That is when all the assumptions made in the planning phase are tested. This applies equally to a new loyalty proposition and a revision to an existing proposition.

Our Loyalty Consulting Service assists clients in taking the guess work out of their customer engagement and customer management strategies. At the core, we offer services that guide clients through what they need to do to embark on their journey to drive up customer value. Typically, we start with unpacking the client’s rationale for embarking on a journey of customer engagement “… if a loyalty programme is the solution, then what is the problem?” Sometimes the answers are surprising and warrant deeper analysis, and a change of direction. A back to basics approach in a bid to define a succinct, over-arching customer loyalty vision and strategy. We focus first on understanding the context in which our client’s organisation operates - the market forces that define their product and service offering – and the constraints under which they operate. The legal framework in which they exist, and their competitors’ strengths and weaknesses. The consumers they engage with and their developed needs.

Once we have a good base understanding of how to balance market demand with client capabilities, we develop a compelling value proposition, coupled with a range of supporting plans – each one connected to the other – to support the implementation and roll out of the new or enhanced customer benefit set.

Post implementation we move our attention to reading the market’s response by drawing on our range of insights – captured in the Loyalty Insights dashboard – to develop corrective and reinforcing actions where required. Campaign design, development and deployment round off our implementation services. Driving the right offers at the right time through the right channel to generate the right behaviour in the form of increased sales (spread, frequency and value), reduced attrition (improved longevity) and customer engagement.