Why MoreTyme Is Good For Your Business!

More Customers! More Sales! More Revenue!

Innervation is thrilled to be working in partnership with TymeBank on the launch of their Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) offering, MoreTyme.

MoreTyme is enabled in conjunction with Innervation’s Mobile Payments service and available to our customers via the integrated mobile payment service or via a standalone terminal.

MoreTyme enables customers to buy now and pay over 3 instalments – interest free!

With MoreTyme, customers increase their purchasing power with no fees and no interest. Customers pay for their purchases in three instalments over two months. Merchants are paid immediately and TymeBank takes care of all payment risks from a customer perspective. Most importantly, customers enjoy instant gratification and an enhanced shopping experience.

How does it work?

Merchants can be enabled for MoreTyme payment acceptance through Innervation’s Mobile QR service. At checkout, the customer scans the merchant’s QR code displayed on the PED / Terminal using their TymeBank app and authorises the payment.

How can MoreTyme benefit your business?

  • Boost sales from TymeBank’s 3,5M customers.

  • Increased basket size and enhanced customer loyalty.

  • Simple online and in-store integration.

  • Easier payment option for customers enabling smoother cash flow.

  • Guaranteed payment with no risk to merchant business.

  • An alternative to lay-buy payments.

BNPL products have taken Europe, Australia and New Zealand by storm and are gaining traction in the USA. The reason for the BNPL excitement is the sales growth it offers merchants, with lifts in revenue in excess of 20% expected. In South Africa we are starting to see very encouraging signs as the MoreTyme product grows, and particularly in reducing lay-buy books for merchants.

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