What is Customer Engagement & Why is it Important?

Customer engagement is about creating long-term deep emotional connections with your customers that influence their behaviour.  Highly engaged customers are inclined to buy more, promote more and be more loyal.  Engaged customers become repeat customers and will recommend or refer companies and brands to other people.

Customer engagement has overtaken price and product to become the most important brand differentiator. Next generation technologies and increasingly sophisticated consumer markets have given rise to a deeper level of individualisation, where dynamic consumer offers are uniquely tailored to each person, place and time. 

Innervation offers a comprehensive range of customer engagement tools and technologies that enable retailers to use their sales and payment data to optimise the customer experience and to grow their revenue.

 Gifting & Loyalty Programmes  |  e-Receipting  |  Shopper Marketing  |  Business Intelligence & Insights

We provide brands and retailers with enhanced insights into individual customer journeys and payment habits. This enables the development of accurate and appealing offers delivered through powerful omnichannel capabilities to win over customers, build strong loyal relationships, and increase profit.

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