Scan to pay (mobile QR payment) is an increasingly popular way for customers to purchase goods and services from a credit or debit card account using a bank mobile app. Mobile QR payments provide convenience to both customers and merchants alike as they are easy to use, secure and address health and safety concerns.

Through a single integration to any channel, Innervation’s mobile payment service enables merchants to securely accept multiple mobile QR payments. These include all of the Masterpass supported apps, Innervation store of value (Gift Card, Loyalty etc.), Innervation Rewards, and other Private Label tenders, as well as additional alternative payments, such as consumer credit offerings (Mobicred and SwitchPay), and Ozow. Further service providers will be made available as they are integrated with Innervation.

These payment options are typically accessed by the account holder using a mobile application, such as a Bank app, which is used to scan the QR code presented by the merchant.

What is Masterpass? Masterpass is a digital wallet from Mastercard that enables mobile QR payment and supports the enrolment of any bank issued Visa or Mastercard product into a mobile wallet app that is Masterpass enabled. The customer would need to register their bank card on the app before a mobile payment could be made.

What are QR Codes? A QR code, or quick response code, is a 2-dimensional bar code system that is capable of containing information and can be scanned using the camera on a mobile device.

How do Mobile QR Payments Work? At checkout, the customer opens the payment app on their mobile device, scans the merchant's QR code on the client facing screen or PED, selects the payment card they wish to use and is then prompted to enter their ATM / Card PIN to complete the purchase. Notification of payment success is sent to both the merchant and the customer.

Which payment devices (supplied by Innervation) support QR Payments? QR codes can be displayed on the PED (Verifone VX 820 and P400) or Terminal (Newland SP630).

Why implement Innervation Mobile QR Payments? Accepting mobile QR payments is a great way for merchants to optimise operational efficiencies and enhance the customer experience, while keeping costs low:

  • Hygiene - minimal contact with merchant POS or payment device.

  • Customer convenience – no need for customers to carry a physical wallet or cash.

  • Integration to POS – making use of the existing PED infrastructure to display QR codes.

  • Increased security – no PAN data is processed through the merchant environment.

  • Reduced errors – removing the need for the customer to manually enter transaction amounts.

  • Fraud reduction – unique responses to each mobile payment request is sent to the specific lane that requested the payment authorisation.

  • Convenience – enablement of multiple stores of value or payment providers via a mobile QR payment integrated to POS.

  • Minimal cashier training – a single mobile payments tender button on POS.

  • Effective transaction reconciliation – full transaction-based enhanced reconciliation service.

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