Innervation’s SecureEdge to the rescue

Microsoft support for Windows 7 came to an end on 14 Jan 2020, and although the operating system will remain functional, Microsoft will neither be providing technical support nor producing software and security updates for it.

This means continued use of the operating system will most likely result in huge security risks as there won’t be any patches to fix any identified security issues going forward.

In addition, Microsoft Security Essentials will not be supported anymore, hence the need to acquire a new anti-virus software.

So, what steps can users take to avert the risks of using an unsupported operating system? Here are some options:

  1. upgrade your operating system to Windows 10 (provided your hardware meets the requirements, if not, you will need to upgrade your PC prior to upgrading your OS)

  2. migrate from Windows to an open source operating system. Whilst there are several distributions of Linux which can be accessed free of charge, this option requires more effort in backing up data and migrating application programs across different operating systems

  3. use Innervation SecureEdge. For those merchants who have been using Windows 7 for their payments solution - let Innervation ensure you are always fully compliant! Innervation’s SecureEdge payment device is a Linux based integrated payments solution that provides merchants with dual authentication, antivirus, operating system updates, centralized logging and file integrity monitoring capabilities. In addition, SecureEdge significantly reduces costs, scope and effort required for merchant PCI-DSS compliance

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