Innervation enables POS integrated M-Pesa Payments in Kenya

Innervation announced today that it had successfully processed the first POS integrated M-Pesa payment transaction for a Kenyan hospitality Merchant. The M-Pesa mobile payment system is the most popular payment method in Kenya with over

17 million registered account holders.

The integration enables merchants to accept M-Pesa for payment of goods and services, via a POS integrated M-Pesa payment ability, enabling the merchant to benefit from the tight controls of an integrated payment system and advanced transactional reconciliation capability.

The M-Pesa integration compliments the existing mobile payment capabilities Innervation support and is just one of the additional mobile payment methods Innervation are looking to integrate over the coming year.

Merchants in Kenya can now benefit from a bundle of services integrated via a single service provider, which include M-Pesa, card payments, gift card, loyalty and electronic receipting (Pocketslip).