Three Key Retail Trends For Africa

Updated: Feb 8, 2019

These are the three key retail trends we expect to see in 2019 across the African continent:

1. Improved use of next-generation technology

Retailers' ability to leverage more sophisticated analytics and payments technology will be crucial in supporting consumer growth and driving financial inclusion.

2. Individualised customer engagement

Enabling retailers to use accurate customer data to automatically launch individualised offers in real time, greatly improving the customer experience and driving bottom-line KPIs such as profitability, turnover and increased market share.

3. In-country partnership focus

A strategy of setting up fully-localised in-country businesses, sourcing local investment partners (such as the partnership between Innervation & Baobab Capital in Namibia) and employing and training local staff and equipping them to run the local business will enable service providers to rapidly expand their payments acceptance footprint across Africa.