Africa News

Innervation recently contracted the business of WB Supermarkets in Namibia, with the first store already live. WB Supermarkets is the largest independent retailer in Namibia with a rich history and deep roots in the community.

Current services revolve around the provision of integrated card processing, cash-back at point of sale, and failover acquiring. With these services, WB Supermarkets will be able to offer faster transactions and a higher level of service to its customers.

WB Supermarkets has a widespread footprint, which provides an exciting opportunity to deliver additional transnational banking and value added services to the community in Namibia. The first pilot store deployment has been exceptionally smooth and roll-out planning is in progress.

We look forward to creating a long standing relationship with WB Supermarkets, whilst at the same time ensuring that we deliver differentiated customer-orientated solutions into the Namibian market.